SWAGSI have always wonder and think a lot about the gender discrimination in africa and even in the world at large although it is not as effective as it is in africa like other continents and this gives me a concern.Here comes some rhetorical questions,although it need some answers;

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Innovating for girls’ education

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin
More girls are in school today than ever before. However, too many girls, especially the most marginalized, have never seen the inside of a classroom, or they go to school only sporadically, never getting the opportunity to acquire the skills they need to reach their full potential. For those in school, challenges like teacher shortages abound, making learning difficult even for the most motivated student. – See more at: http://esaro.unfpa.org/public/news/pid/15316#sthash.O7QYYgEC.dpuf
Int Day of Girl Child Malala 500

While the gender gap in primary school enrolment has narrowed, girls are Continue reading

8 Girls Who Dream Big For International Day Of The Girl 2013

In honor of International Day Of The Girl this Friday, here are the faces of eight young women from around the world whose dreams for the future will inspire you.

The beautiful photo series was commissioned by The Girl Effect (a movement created by the Nike Foundation) as part of their declaration for the United Nations to prioritize young women in their goals to fight global poverty. The argument? More then 260 million girls live in extreme poverty, and studies show that girls can be key drivers of Continue reading

OCT. 11;Day of the Girl: innovation through education

ICT access alone won’t empower girls, unless it is made part of a holistic strategy that tackles gender discrimination, poverty and all barriers that prevent girls from going to school.
girls mobile
In rural Cameroon, two teenage girls are doing their best to access a computer in a poorly equipped computer lab in their school. There are 10 computers for 1,000 students, and only five of them work. Girls end up fighting with Continue reading

How Do I Market My Business With A Limited Budget?


Mary Olushoga is a committed leader passionate about small business growth and positive development in Africa. She is the founder of http://www.awpnetwork.com, an enterprise given honorable distinction at the 2012 World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) and listed as a 2012 Apps4Africa Innovation. She is the first-ever GOOD Maker/Oxfam America International Women’s Day Challenge Winner, a Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI) Associate, and an Oxfam America Sisters on the Continue reading

Five Things You Need to Know About Africa’s First Female Billionaire

originalMeet Isabel Dos Santos. She is 40 years old. Forbes has just named her Africa’s first female billionaire. Yes. Billion. Picture a million-dollar home. Now picture one thousand of them. A billion.

Here are some things you should know about the bedimpled billionaire:

Isabel dos Santos’s father, José Eduardo dos Santos, is the president of Continue reading