Uganda: Gender Violence Drops in Kyangwali

A study by the American Refugee Council (ARC) in Kyangwali refugee settlement camp shows that the numbers of cases have reduced since last year.


According to ARC’s regional programmes coordinator, Bernard Ojom, increased sensitisation was behind the slight decline. He added that they had noted 80 cases in 2011, down from 150 in 2010 when they started, with 126 registered by December 10, 2013. However, he insisted that they were still studying the matter.


“We are a little bit puzzled whether it is due to the over 10,000 Congolese refugees received [here] since August last year, or [it is because] people come out [when affected]. All in all, the problem is still alive and needs concerted efforts to fight,” Ojom said.


He was speaking during a ceremony over the weekend to formally end the 16 days of activism against GBV at Malembo primary school in the camp. Ojom revealed that some 37 school children had been involved in the 126 GBV cases, which included rape and defilement. As part of the celebrations


The camp commandant at Kyangwali, Moses Kirya, warned the new refugees against contracting HIV/Aids, as they encounter several immigrants prospecting for oil deals in the areas.


“If you are seduced because of little money, you will be infected with HIV/Aids and you lose your life for nothing. Be careful,” said Kirya.


At least 267 people tested for HIV during the 16 days of the campaign this month.


Kyangwali refugee settlement camp, in Hoima, is home to over 30,000 refugees from various countries including Rwanda, South Sudan and Somalia.




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