Shall We Begin?

Insightful thought everyone suppose to have to change our world and influence lifes,check this awesome blogpost……



I thought it was a beautiful work of art and told her so. I asked that she send me a copy and she did. But, with deadlines and pressing tasks, I did not immediately send her my evaluation or even confirm receipt. The next thing I knew, that evening, she had sent me a message that she knew the work was not that good and was perhaps inferior and maybe that was why I hadn’t responded. I was shocked.

 – November, 2013

If anyone reading this has ever asked me for books to recommend, whether it’s general or more field-specific, there is one author I never miss recommending. Steven Covey. I think him one of the most important people to have lived- a great gift to humanity.

In his 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE, Habit 2 is ‘Begin with the End in Mind’. And…

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