FLD First Outing and Annual Essay Competition

FLDFemale Leadership Development in Africa (FLD) has dimmed it fit to prepare so much for its first outing for awareness and annual Essay Competition.
The competition was organized by the management of FLD to foster the seriousness and to see the weakness of the students for proper planning on educational aid and also to create a platform that will enable the truth about PURPOSE to be discussed.
Letters of invitation has been sent to

49 schools in IFE ZONE which harbors 4 local government (IFE EAST, SOUTH,NORTH & CENTRAL) for them to participate in the essay competition in which every school (both private and public) are to produce a representative (FEMALE) from their senior secondary level who will write on “GENDER DISCRIMINATION AND ITS EFFECT ON AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT”. After the essay write-up has been collected by 3rd of March from all the schools, the exhibition is scheduled as follows:
Date:8th of March
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Our Ladies High School, Famia Road Modakeke,Osun State.

When the marking is done the Best 5 write-ups will be chosen and the students would be asked to defend their write-up where the best 3 will be chosen and compensated.
Among people we expect at the event are the school principals,proprietors and guest speakers to enlighten the students about the course of Life.
We are using this medium to invite everyone of you to the occasion as we will be delighted to have you around to take part in our red carpet snapshots and also to learn more from our great speakers and your life will never remain the same,if you wish to come please Text “YES” to 09033313862 to reserve a sit………Please stay tuned to this blog or subscribe for our updates.


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