Being a woman is not a licence to laziness! So many times I hear some ladies say ‘I’m a woman so I can’t do that type of job’ or ‘I’m a woman so he must cater for me while I sit around doing nothing, its his job’. C’mon! Some ladies need to grow up and get a life, stop waiting for men to get you this and that when you can always get them for yourself. This is a wake up call to all ladies (old and young) to rise up and do something for themselves, stop passing laziness to coming generation, interestingly we are on the high side in the number of women in the world.

A virtuous woman is not only kind, loving, prays and so on but she also works, don’t turn spirituality to laziness (for the ones that are saved), Prov. 31:14 says ‘she is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar’, this simply means she doesn’t sit in a place and expect her man to bring the food, she is not idle, get something for your man too, he’s not the only one that can or should spend, you do so too. If you read further through that chapter, you’ll see that she’s handy, she sows. Have an entrepreneur mind, be versatile, learn so many things you can lay your hands on especially if you don’t have the white collar job we all desire! Look out for your gifts and use them, they will make room for you (Prov.18:16)

Use your money wisely. Prudence is a type of virtue. This does not mean that you should be stingy though, stop spending the larger part of your finances on clothing, facial accessories and so on, instead invest in books, attend seminars, training that will change your life for the best, set goals and target for yourself! I’m tired of seeing ladies loosing their self esteem for a piece of bread that will not last forever!

Eat well, take balance diet, do exercises, sleep well, read books, attend events that can make you a better person, enough of party today, party tomorrow! Please dress well, don’t wear rags, don’t dress indecently, wear stuffs you’ll be comfortable in, if you’re adding too much weight, eat more of fruits and do your exercise, reduce junks completely, use girdle for your stomach if possible, smell well, combine your colours well and make your hair style decent. All these will make you more beautiful because simplicity is the thing!

Say to yourself today; ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’. I am a woman and I am not a minor, I am a major oh mine mine I matter a lot. Remember it is easier said, therefore take steps today to change yourself which will mean changing the society. If you’re not in Christ, please run to Him today so that the road will be easy for you.


Confession: I am great

Prayer: Lord I receive the anointing to be a Godly example for others. Help me to be useful for you, for myself, my home and the society

KEY ©2014


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