Meet Ariyo Opeyemiyemioluwa an undergraduate,yet a wonderful minister of God’s word.

This is Motivating!!!


Ariyo Opeyemioluwa is a Focused and special minister of God’s word even as an undergraduate,this young lady controls the host of heaven with her voice and finds it easy to praise God with you.Lets meet her to know her better.

Ariyo Official

College Profiles: Can we meet you ma?

OPEYEMI:I’m Ariyo opeyemioluwa Hephzibah,i’m from ondo state,Akure city..i school at Adeyemi college of Education,Religious studies department..300Level,
Born into the family of Ariyo’s…the 2nd born/Daughter to be precise.

College Profiles:As an undergraduate,what do you do aside schooling?

OPEYEMI:Doing the work of God..A singer and also making of bags and shoes.

College Profiles:As a minister of God,which kind of song do you sing? Special number? Praises? Worships? Etc.

OPEYEMI:It depends on how how God directs but…

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