Women are Not DOLLS!!
It seems that a woman’s value is measured by her ability to attract male attention. This negative stereotype is reinforced via ads, especially fashion ads. The society has grossly and wrongly objectified women. We have been made into sex symbols and trophies waiting to be acquired. There are ‘bum-shorts’ nights where the men come fully dressed. There are never

‘boxer-nights’. Society subtly teaches young girls to wear revealing clothes primarily to please men.
Men themselves have created a culture of disrespect for women. This is why a guy can stand 8 feet away and instead of coming to talk to a girl, he whistles or hisses at us like we are some breed of chickens. In very much the same way, in school, our classmates presume that we’re dumb at first sight and seem startled when we turn out to be smarter than they could be.
In another scene, an ‘akpos’ guy gets angry simply because he asked us out and we turned him down, and he stupidly thinks it is his ‘right’ to be replied favourably. Another bald headed man will drive towards you and the first thing he asks is “baby where would you love to spend the night?”
Female objectification explains why all the models on magazines are unnaturally picture-perfect. Meanwhile in reality, we cannot all have that figure 8, flat tummy, smoking-hot legs, nice hips, perfect lips, tiny waist, dead eyes, ‘OBJECTFUL’ look the society wants us to have.
In concluding, I’ll say this out to all the women;
• The beauty standards that society pushes on us is UNATTAINABLE and its only meant to objectify us more and more. Let us teach our daughters and sisters that our worth is not measured by our ability to attract male attention as the society wants us to believe. It has never been, and never will.


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