FLDinAFRICA Roundtable Discussion at OAU

11873710_907874949250246_5589152682806909674_nIn Obafemi Awolowo University, it was noticed that, young females do not come out as aspiring leaders to take up governmental positions at all levels of administration in the school.

Among the students, looking at the Student Union Government, females are poorly represented in number as only one female is presently occupying the position of the vice president compared to the numerous males in the administration. Likewise at departmental levels, females would rather go for the post of the Vice President rather than the post of the President.

To promote females representation at all levels in the Student Union Administration, FLD in Africa on 12th of August 2015, to mark the International Youth Day, set up a round table discussion with 140 students from various Faculties in the school to deliberate on the reasons why females are not taking up leadership positions in the school and draw out the ways out.

Ariyo Oluwakemisola, a Part 2 Student and a presidential aspirant from the Faculty of Art opined that, females are not taking up the available positions because they are afraid of not being voted for by even their female fellows for the inferior fact that “females tend to become pompous and bossy when allowed the chance to lead”. Oladapo Rasheed, the PRO to Linguistics and African Languages deaprtment stated that females might not be able to take up leadership positions because of cultural and religious beliefs. Bakare Precious Busola, a representative from the department of Dramatic Art was of the opinion that females are not suitable for top positions at all governmental levels but they do way better as assistants, Vice or a deputy. Imonitie Cynthia Omoo frantically stated that females are not taking up leadership positions because of their emotional make-up. She went further by asserting that the Archaic mentality which places Females as inferior to males and the stereotype that males would always be the leader and females the follower are also major reasons why females do not want to engage in governmental activities in the country as a whole.


Adekanmi Abiodun Solomon, a campus journalist representative of the Kowee News Agency stated that females do not believe in themselves and if more females are given the opportunity of becoming leaders at various levels of administration that the stereotype of females always being just the followers would soon wane off.

Proferring ways out to the barriers, Olaobaju Deborah said re-orientation programmes should be carried out for people at all levels especially at the grass root levels of the country for them to accept females leadership as superior and could even be made better than those of the males.

Majority of the participants supported this view and pleaded with the organization to continue with the programme in a more extensive way all over the school for the change desired to be achieved in no time.


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