FLDinAFRICA Announces its Country and State Coordinators!!!

240_F_78370209_NCZOdYgE1ufbAx4PuNEFyvuAfmJFC2pQThe Entire Management of Female Leadership Development in Africa is pleased to announce the individuals who are responsible for the management and monitoring of projects in each country where our volunteers and in states where coordinators are necessary, the coordinators were carefully chosen from the volunteers by our jury of judges and they were not chosen based on their competence but based on their readiness to serve and see a positive change in their environment. The List Include:


  1. Botswana

Game Rebone

Facebook : Mmaagwe Sesame Dibro’o

Email: gamediloro@gmail.com

Mobile: 26777060973


  1. Burundi

Nzosaba Egide

Facebook: Nzosaba Egide

Email: egidenz@gmail.com

Mobile: +25779858145


  1. Cameroon

Evelyn Bisona Fonkem

Facebook : Evelyn Fonkem

Email: Evebisona@yahoo.com

Mobile: 237670323028


  1. Ethiopia

Wubalem Woreket

Facebook : Wubalem Woreket

Email: wubalemworeket@gmail.com

Mobile: 251920759710


  1. Ghana

Julius Kofi Satsi

Facebook: facebook.com/juliuskofisatsi

Email: satsimacjulius@gmail.com

Mobile: 233543090396


  1. Kenya

Winny Obure

Facebook: facebook.com/Obure

Email: oburewin@gmail.com

Mobile: 254725375301


  1. Liberia

Karyartay Karyar

Facebook: facebook.com/karyartay.karyar

Email: kkaryar1@gmail.com

Mobile: 880929045


  1. Madagascar

Riantsoa Kanto Najaina Tovohasimbavaka

Facebook: Najaina Kanto

Email: tnajaina@gmail.com

Mobile: 261343129749


  1. Namibia

Emma Theofelus

Facebook: Emma Theofelus

Email: emma.ina@icloud.com

Mobile: 264816525834


  1. Nigeria

Rachael Ayanwale

Facebook: Rachael Ayanwale

Email: ayanwalerachae@gmail.com

Mobile: 08034375851


  1. Rwanda

Muzungu Hirwa Sylvain

Facebook: facebook.com/muzungu.hirwasylvain

Email: sylvain.hirwa@yahoo.com

Mobile: 250786944426


  1. Sierra Leone

Baimba Sheriff

Facebook: Baimba Sheriff

Email: baimbasheriff@gmail.com

Mobile: 23278944994


  1. South Africa

Mainza Chisupa

Facebook: Mainza Chisupa

Email: mainzahc@yahoo.com

Mobile: 27732574889


  1. Sudan

Nuha Mohamed

Facebook: Nuha Alrayah

Email: mohuh@yahoo.com

Mobile: 249966210554


  1. Swaziland

Sibonelo Khombisile

Facebook: Laozane Sibonelo Tk

Email: siboneloluhlanga@ymail.com

Mobile: 26876074583


  1. Tanzania

Hatibu Jumbe

Facebook: facebook.com/hatibus.jumbe

Email: avctanzania@gmail.com

Mobile: 255717168218


  1. Tunisia

Baha eddine hmidi

Facebook: Baha’a onthemove

Email: hmidi.baha@outlook.com

Mobile: 21621080995


  1. Uganda

Winfred Nazziwa

Facebook: Winfred Nazziwa

Email: winfrednazziwa@gmail.com

Mobile: 256700196535


  1. Zambia

Felistus Kasabila

Facebook: fkasabila@gmail.com

Mobile: 260966962624


  1. Zimbabwe

Rindai Muringi

Facebook: Mandlovu Wacho

Email: muringiclaire@gmail.com

Mobile: 263774448826


  1. **Pakistan**

Mahrukh Syed Qasim

Facebook: Mahrukhqasim Syed

Email: mahrukhqasim@gmail.com

Mobile: 923319586034



1. Imo State (Nigeria)
Collins Iyeh
Facebook ID: facebook/Collins.iyeh
Phone number: 08066450900, 08174280326
Email: iyehcollins@gmail.com

2. Delta State (Nigeria)
Matsoma Anthony Enayon
Facebook ID: Enayon Matsoma Anthony
Phone number: 08038932659
Email: anthonyenayon@gmail.com

3. Bauchi State (Nigeria)
Victor Abel
Facebook ID: Victor Abel Damina
Phone Number: +2348033538660
Email: Wisdomcalls101@gmail.com

4. Lagos Sate (Nigeria)
Akeem Sule
Facebook ID: Omotayo akeem osiregbemhe
Phone Number : 08034587859
Email: omotayoakeem@ymail.com

5. Osun State (Nigeria)
Roseline Owoseeni
Facebook ID: Owoseeni Roseline Oluranti
Phone Number: +2348102919848
Email: owoseeniroseline@gmail.com

6. Edo State (Nigeria)
Ezekiel Efeobhokhan
Facebook ID: Ezekiel Efeobhokhan
Phone Number: 08024994798
Email: ezekielefeobhokhan@yahoo.com

7. Ekiti State (Nigeria)
Kayode Owoso
Facebook ID: Owoso Kayode Teslim
Phone Number: +2348065966285
Email: kayodeowoso@gmail.com
8. Kwara State (Nigeria)
Adam Abdulraheem
Facebook ID: Abdulraheem Adam
Phone Number: +2348151821591
Email: abdulraheemadams@gmail.com

9. FCT (Nigeria)
Benjamin Ibhazukor
Facebook ID: ibhazukor benjamin deegreat
Phone Number: 08067554931
Email: ibhazukorbenjamin@yahoo.com

10. Ondo (Nigeria)
Oluwaseunnla Adelusi
Facebook ID: Adelusi Seunnla Ayomide
Phone Number: 08168577117
Email: seunade194@gmail.com

11. Enugu State (Nigeria)
Emmanuel Acha
Facebook ID: facebook.com/egwuacha
Phone Number: +2348033751328
Email: acha.emmanuel@yahoo.com

12. Oyo State (Nigeria)
Ridwan Balogun
Facebook ID: facebook.com/ridbay
Phone Number: 08078197526
Email: balogunridwan@gmail.com

13. Rivers State (Nigeria)
Anthony Cookey
Facebook ID: Cookey Anthony
Phone Number: 08029357810
Email: aadawari2015@gmail.com
14. Kaduna State (Nigeria)
Williams ikenga
Facebook ID: don williams ikenga
Phone Number: 08162691408
Email: kingjadult@gmail.com
15. Cross Rivers State (Nigeria)
Iboro Udoh
Facebook ID: Iboro Paul Udoh
Phone Number: 08032204652
Email: Iboroudoh09@gmail.com

16. Abia State (Nigeria)
Chimeremnma ulukwu
Facebook ID: chimerehopeu
Phone Number: 08140859269
Email: chimere19994@gmail.com

17. Jos (Nigeria)
Rachael Ayanwale
Facebook ID: Rachael Ayanwale
Phone Number: 08034375851
Email: ayanwalerachael@gmail.com

18. Benue State (Nigeria)
Linus Ameh
Facebook ID: Owoicho l Ameh
Phone Number: +2347030477236
Email: owehi5@gmail.com

19. Dar es salaam (Tanzania)
Hellen Lutta
Facebook ID: Hellen Lutainulwa
Phone Number: 255743375619
Email: hellenlutta@gmail.com

20. Marogoro (Tanzania)
Mohamed Malembo
Facebook ID: Rahim Malembo
Phone Number: 712316131
Email: malembom@yahoo.com

FLD hereby congratulates all our coordinators and hope to work better with them to achieving the goals of the organization.



  1. thanks for the responsibility, we will need more inside into the activities, constitution, partnerships, and any relevant information that will aid us carry out the Vision and assignment of FLD. thanks, Victor Abel I. Damina Bauchi State coordinator

  2. I really appreciate this appointment, and I hope to carry out all duties and delegation as required. I believe with team work we can achieve the goal and vision of FLD. Congratulations to all state coordinators in Nigeria and to all other country coordinators.

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